Best Practices for Block Production

Stewardship of the blockchain:

  • Bare metal servers are preferred. Cloud providers are a security risk and and should be discouraged because they offer a potential single point of failure.
  • BP to BP communications should be secured by private tunnels, for both security and improved DDOS protection.
  • Public network requests to BP nodes should not be direct, but rather should go through application specific firewalls. This enhances security and improves DDOS resistance.
  • Simple attacks from bad users are easier to detect, filter and rate limit using an ASF.
  • BP node operating system security should be hardened, audited and monitored. Default installation configuration is never sufficient.
  • All security measures should have a “whitelist” posture. Anything not specifically allowed is forbidden.
  • Regular and rapid EOS and operating system security update procedures should be made.
  • Full operation monitoring and statistics gathering should be implemented and reported.
  • Trend analysis is important to ensure prediction of timely hardware upgrades.
Suggested Network Architecture


Stewardship of the blockchain community:

Our Values are

  • Service: We are stewards of the blockchain, humble servants rather than elevated leaders. We have a strict policy against using EOS or other tokens to influence voters. Block Producers must earn their position through service to the community, not through financial influence.
  • Decentralization of Power: We believe DPoS is a significant iteration in the evolution of governance and an opportunity to prove its potential, not just in theory or thought experiment, but in full application.
  • Compliance: With our extensive experience setting legal precedents, including issuing the first tokenized security, and our familiarity with rapidly changing legal requirements, BP Squared will be strictly compliant in all relevant jurisdictions and will work with government authorities to create a favorable legal environment.
  • Transparency: It is our core belief and guiding maxim that we are driven by the blockchain principles of transparency and immutability. We will operate our BP in this manner, putting our transactions on the blockchain, public and open for inspection.

Our Code of Conduct based on our Values:

  • High Performance: We pledge to follow our published Best Practices for Block Production to ensure the most capable and robust network for all users and to continue to set standards for the industry.
  • Secure: We are committed to securing the EOS network physically, digitally, and legally by leveraging top of the line network architecture and our experience setting legal precedence with the first tokenized security.
  • Independent: We will never pay for votes nor sell our own. We will not be beholden to outside investors. The prosperity of the entire EOS network is our highest goal, and we will not allow any other interest to conflict with it or influence our operations.
  • Community Minded: EOS belongs to all of us, and we owe it to those who would trust in us as a BP to foster the entire EOS ecosphere. We will give back to the EOS community at large by funding dApp development and outreach. At the same time, we will be giving back to our home of Puerto Rico through local infrastructure, cultivating local talent and expertise, and our extensive partnership with the Restart movement. We are open to partnering with both local and international impact partners.
  • Arbitration: We will abide by, follow, and enforce all arbitration decisions without delay. We also will abstain from publishing opinions on active arbitration.
  • Collaborative: We pledge to work with the greater blockchain community to find new ways for EOS to grow and integrate with other technologies. We believe in working with other BPs to secure the network and develop new technology, so long as our independence is never jeopardized and decentralization maintained.