We are a Block Producer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and advised by Anthony Diiorio.

Block producers are building more than the cryptographic evidence of blockchains. We are co-creating the infrastructure of a decentralized future.

It’s the best chance anyone can get to serve with integrity for benevolent capitalism. It’s the power to empower individuals all over the world.

Governance matters.

Mining is the old form of blockchain governance. Now, EOS is using Delegated Proof of Stake, the greatest experiment yet in liquid democracy. In this system, a block producer is a steward; you have to do what’s best for the constituents at all times. No exceptions.

This is the best chance anyone can get to serve with integrity for benevolent capitalism. It’s the power to empower individuals all over the world.

We are pioneering what it means to be a block producer by our stewardship of the blockchain and our service to the EOS community and the greater community.

We are publishing best practices for block production to strengthen the entire network.


Corinne Clinch

Corinne Clinch

Corinne's Experience

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur

Carnegie Mellon University – Masters of Engineering

Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson

Robert's Experience

Solutions Architect for the CIO of Puerto Rico


Anthony Diiorio

Anthony Diiorio

Anthony's Experience

CO-Founder of Ethereum

CEO & Founder of Jaxx

CEO & Founder of Decentral

Craig Sellars

Craig Sellars

Craig's Experience

Founder of Tether

Co-Founder of Global Sun Foundation

Joseph Weinberg

Joseph Weinberg

Joseph's Experience

CEO & Co-Founder of Paycase

Chairman of Shyft Network

Russell Ward

Russell Ward

Russell's Experience

Confluence Group Media Consultants

Jez San

Jez San

Jez's Experience

Gaming and Tech Entrepreneur and Investor


Stewardship of the EOS Blockchain

Our Block Producer will manage all the requirements to be the most dependable and secure facility possible. We outline these practices and our team’s Values in more detail on our best practices page.

  • Independent servers. Multiple BPs should not use the same cloud provider, primarily or as a backup. We will manage a high-end, bare-metal setup with local and off-site backups.
  • Robust connectivity. Our infrastructure is on a TIER-1 Backbone inside a secure, state-of-the-art, carrier-grade hosting facility with direct fiber connections to North and South America.
  • Protected power supply. We are located in a 24/7 managed data center with redundant power, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and backup generators with 30 days of diesel stored on site.
  • Ready to scale. We will be right-scale at launch. We will be over-provisioned with hardware that can be easily upgraded as needed. We will monitor usage to preemptively upgrade.
  • Physically secured. Our facilities are physically secured at all times for the highest degree of assurance. Alarmed sensors monitor humidity, smoke, and temperature.
  • Fully compliant. With our extensive experience setting legal precedents, including issuing the first tokenized security, and our familiarity with rapidly changing legal requirements, BP Squared will be strictly compliant in all relevant jurisdictions and will work with government authorities to create a favorable legal environment.

Service to the EOS Community

Being a BP is a role of stewardship requiring utmost trust, and the EOS ecosystem will benefit from BPs being distributed to the extent that they cannot be disproportionately affected by any entity or event. The most resilient group of BPs will be diversified in multiple facets.

  • Geographical location. We are honored to represent the Caribbean and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
  • Political jurisdiction. We are ready to manage the legislative challenge of running a full node and keeping up to date with any unforeseen changes.
  • Personal leadership. It is our core belief and guiding maxim that we are driven by the blockchain principles of transparency and immutability. We will operate our BP in this manner, putting our transactions on the blockchain, public and open for inspection.
  • Community integration. Our team regularly attends and hosts blockchain events, and we will maintain an awareness of the entire community’s needs through Telegram, Steemit, and in-person meetups.

Service to the Greater Community

Puerto Rico is an ideal location for a Block Producer because we have the technical resources to execute flawlessly surrounded by the social conditions for the greatest possible impact.

  • Local Talent Pool. The engineering school in Mayagüez is ranked 15th in the US and 1st in the Caribbean. Mayagüez is the perfect place for an EOS development accelerator, a major investment in the next generation of top tech talent.
  • Global Blockchain Leadership. Puerto Rico’s unique tax incentives are transforming the island into a ripe entrepreneurial ecosystem and a center of the blockchain industry. A concentrated geography of top talent and expertise can encourage innovation and efficiencies in the market.
  • Community Support. Our presence in Puerto Rico is a part of Restart, a long-term entrepreneurial and humanitarian movement to rebuild the island better and stronger than it was before Hurricane Maria hit.